You may wonder why “Supera Matris.” Or you might be a total geek like me and know.  “Supera Matris” is a way of saying Super Mom in Latin.  Though that term usually refers to the “top mom” or the “superior mom” when compared to other moms, this is not how I view the term.  Continue reading for further explanation.

I am a wife and mother who lives each moment in life with all the passion I can muster.  (I like to call it GUSTO!)  After many life-altering experiences — and a few near death ones — I truly value and cherish life and completely recognize the fragility of the human body.  It makes me want to tell everyone about how amazing God has been in my life and hope that they will listen.  But I digress.

I live in Texas and enjoy the multitude of activities God has thrown my way.  My oldest daughter is now 11!!! years old and my not-so-little one is 9 years old.   My husband is my perfect match — not to be confused with just plain perfect — and as such you will probably hear very little about him (because there isn’t much to say when there is so little to complain about).  😉

I enjoy all things crafty — especially hand embroidery, crochet, sewing clothes and doll making, painting and drawing and, above all, writing.  I LOVE to write anything — poetry, short stories, novels, tidbits.  I am hoping to someday publish one of the many, many books I have started but never finished.  That’s the problem though — I never seem to get around to finishing things.  That’s why blogging is so great for me.  I can finish a blog and post it! (Well, sometimes…)

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, feelings — especially my ups and downs — and how God is working in my life during all those moments, no matter how small and insignificant they seem to some people.  I’m excited to finally have some readers and hope you get something insightful out of my ramblings.  I also write so that someday when I am dead and gone there is something personal of me left behind, even if it is spread out.  I don’t think I’m any more special than anyone else but I do think I am special and unique and worth knowing, even after I am dead.  Aren’t we all?

As for the answer to why I am a self proclaimed super mom is simple.  Life is hard — it downright smells like night soil sometimes — but I find so much peace in knowing that God is there for me.

I am Faithful because:
I desire: be a beacon of light and bring hope to the world, using my talents and individuality that God blessed me with. make a HUGE impact!
..that if life were a pool and I was a swimmer, my cannon ball would knock out much of the water (but not any of the people because that just wouldn’t be nice) because I make that much of an impact in life.

I also desire to ENCOURAGE the weak, bring HOPE to the weary, and also strengthen and encourage the faithful toward continual growth.  To me, not only will God HELP me reach my goals, but He will also bless them and guide them so that I am most effective and reach the most people in the best way possible.  How could I accomplish such HUGE goals that are greater than myself without help from a being who is bigger than myself?  He knows all, understands all, and is capable of ANYTHING.  It just makes sense for ME to be a Christian.  Just my thoughts on the matter. ^_^

Any way… I am Super simply because

20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20

I have surrendered my whole life to God.  I have given my husband, my children and my everyday living to Him.  What does that mean?  Simply I take no credit for my successes and hold no regrets for my failures knowing that they teach me something worth knowing and make me better in the long run.  I am not perfect except through Christ’s perfection.  I make so many mistakes — daily even — and some lessons are hard for me to get the first time; but I am a better person every new day.  Aren’t you?

Oh yeah, and just a warning: Not only am I incapable of writing short stuff but also my love for God pours out of me because it is who I am.  I mean no offense.  I am speaking from my life and my experiences.  If that is not your life or your experience, then I still hope you get something positive from my blog anyway.

With Love and Sincerity,

Super Momma Maggie