The latest cute kids quote is by Cassie.  First the quote out of context:

“I like jumping over crack mountains!”

Now the context: We were in the nature park and the roots of many of the trees had burrowed under the path and made the pavement buckle to make little “mountains”.  Cassie was walking along and every time she came to a new mountain she would attempt to jump over it.  Her little comment made me laugh so hard.  It was sad, though, that my mom felt a need for me to contain this little comment as it might make others think that I am a drug addict.  The sad part is that she is possibly right — about other peoples perceptions, not the drug addict part!  😛

Cassie was drawing a picture of her and her husband when she is “big like a mommy”.  She drew blue under the legs of the people, “they are walking on water” she said. “Are you married to Jesus?” I said. “No.” she replied.  “Well then how can your husband walk on water? Only Jesus can walk on water.”  To that she confidently and unjokingly said, “No my husband can walk on water because he is strong like the boggyman!”  I dont know if that is a good or bad aspiration, but it made me laugh. Gotta love Cassie!! 🙂

I was holding Cassie and we were cuddling and talking about the future.  She loves to bring up the subject of “growing up like a Mommy”, getting married and having kids (much like yours truly would day dream about, too).  She said, “When I grow up I will knock on the next door to your house and say, ‘Can I live here? I will pay you $30.  I want to live in your house so I can live next to my mommy.  You can find another house.'”  I just smiled at her and didnt even mention that $30 would never buy a house these days.  But I love the fact that she wants to stay close.  I love that girl!!

[Looking forward to posting quotes from Serenity, but she doesnt really say super funny things yet.]